When I met her

One week ago today, I asked to see her. Yes, you heard me right, her. We named the tumor as a way to separate the struggles we encounter on this road. A good friend of ours and role model mentioned it in passing the other week that her husband and her separate Jan wants vs. MS wants as a way to keep frustration at bay. This, of course, was another gift from God as it was two days prior to D spurring her nasty ways. Brad wanted to cook me dinner after a long day, but D bucked up and prevented it. It is easier to accept the hardships when you think of D as an unwelcome guest in our marriage.

Again, you heard me, our marriage went from three (God, Brad and me) to four now that D has decided to join. I have heard a lot about what D might be and a lot about what she is not, but I wanted to meet her. I wanted to see the exact location that she camped out and how comfortable she had made herself.

This is what I learned from meeting D…

  • Brad’s writing is more profound now than ever before not because of his own talent. Yes, this sounds harsh because he is a brilliant writer, but D is pretty comfy in her reading nook. I have new found appreciation for his writing because it is clearly not easy and he is being guided on what to share. He feels inspired to share his story and he is being guided, I believe by God, on sharing his story.
  • Brad is the most optimistic person I have ever met. D is taking up a good amount of room and I imagine if roles were reversed, I would be complaining about her every moment. He takes her with stride and laughs at her every chance that he gets. Again, God is with us on this one as D alone should be driving a person nuts.
  • She has a big booty and that booty will be evicted one day, just not today. We will wait patiently as we determine who D is and how to gracefully kick her out of our marriage. Until then, we wait and pray. As my brother wrote after hearing the news, “red wine tonight and prayers, prayers and more prayers” This is the perfect plan to deal with D in stride.

I am glad that I met D. She is unwelcomed, big booty and making herself way too comfy, but it shows me how strong my husband and marriage is. We are blessed that throughout our unwelcome guest, we can find joy, share our story and most importantly be given the grace to wait for her eviction. I will celebrate when my marriage returns to normal as it should be; God, Brad and me.

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