Thank You!

It is rare that I am speechless, but today I am. We are 86 days into our journey to determine what D is made of and I am continually humbled. Since October 1st, we have had many scans, blood draws, headaches, pills swallowed, sleepless nights, hundreds of missing words and two lovely new holes in Brad’s head. When you take a step back, it can be overwhelming and appears impossible that anyone could find joy in the journey.

Well, I like to tell people, I have never felt so blessed or stressed in my life. The stress part is pretty obvious. An alien is growing in my husband’s head, and we have no idea what it is, how to fix it or what our future holds.

The blessed part can seem a little less clear unless you are looking for it, and I have been searching. While searching for God and joy throughout this uncertain road, it became clear. YOU, yes I am talking to you, have contributed to the feeling of being blessed.

Since October 1st, we have had thousands of prayers from all across the world, kind words, meals dropped at my door, teary phone calls, countless words of encouragement and unconditional love.

Today, when we can get so wrapped up in opening the (insert toy here) we wanted, but remember to take a moment and be thankful for the gifts you receive every day. I am thankful for my little life in Florissant. My life that has a kitten in the window, giggling nieces and nephews, supportive parents, overwhelming support from friends, an understanding boss, the ability to still chase my dreams, strong faith in the storm and most importantly being Brad’s wife.

For everyone who has helped us along this long road, Thank You!

You have shown us the face of God time and time again. You have lifted us on days where the unknown road seemed unbearable. You made us smile when you shared your joy as I feared I would never have a normal happy life. You have given us gifts every day, and for that I am grateful. You have impacted our story! While I do know what the road ahead of me holds, I know that God has blessed us with you. Just as Simon helped Jesus carry his cross, you have helped carry our burden without complaint. You have opened yourself to walk on this path and share in both the joy and sorrow. You have emulated God’s love!

This Christmas season, I am humbled and grateful. Thank you for being part of our story. Merry Christmas!

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