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I awoke yesterday shocked that it was basically August. Last time I noticed, it was April and Brad was calling me saying he had been laid off. The rest of the Spring was spent with job searching and trying to keep life as normal as possible.

As much as we tried, it did not work. I was busy trying to keep a steady income and the house clean so the job hunt could happen without distractions. Brad was busy trying to network and find the next door God was going to open. Needless to say, our gym membership and kitchen did not get much use.

Well, my brilliant husband had a great idea to join Blue Apron after too many nights of takeout, and consequently me complaining about the scale jumping up. If you remember, I had tried so hard to lose 20 pounds before life being turned upside down.

Honestly, I had never heard of Blue Apron until that fateful Monday after another long day for both of us. I can’t imagine that past few months without it. The concept is simple, become a home chef today with all ingredients being shipped weekly from Blue Apron. For me, it cut down on the stress of planning what to cook and the time it took to go to the store. For Brad, it gave us quality time to cook together and leave all the troubles out of the kitchen. It was the 30 minutes we needed of distraction and ease. Every night was a mini date night and a marriage building activity.

  • Marriage Building because have you ever tried to cook a meal together that you have no idea how to pronounce, not to mention cook! It strengthened our communication skills because when you are unsure of how to do it, you better get comfortable figuring it out together and faking it along the way. It sounds like a great life lesson for a hard spot in a new marriage doesn’t it… Well, we took this lesson to heart.
  • Every night was a date night. Who would have thought, I would master Colombian, Japanese and French cuisine to name just a few. We had great variety and adventure every night as we made fabulous meals and dates from the comfort of our home.

After every cooking session, we would head to our table and say our thanks and petitions to God. We would chat about the good of our day and remind ourselves that when God closes a door, another one is sure to open. Well, I am proud to say, as always, God provided. Brad is now happily employed at his Dad’s business doing what he loves – helping people through sharing is knowledge of innovation, marketing and technology to make life easier. I am awake again and ready to rock July with the help of my newest convenience in the kitchen, Blue Apron!

Regardless, if you are looking for convenience, a variety of meals or just a new date/family night idea, Blue Apron is the perfect option for you. Blue Apron offers meals 3 times a week for 2 people or an entire family for a reasonable fee. You have the option to customize your Blue Apron meals to 6 recipes and it will arrive at your doorstep on your selected day. Can Blue Apron make it any simpler for you? We didn’t think so!

To start your Blue Apron trial with two free meals,  click here. You will not be disappointed.

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