Time Flies

September really has flown by in a blink of an eye. Here we are just days from October and I am still thinking about squeezing in one more day in the sun before I cave to the fabulous of fall. For me, that means apple spiced candles burning all day, chili on the stove, sipping a pumpkin spice coffee while blogging, and adorning my house with mums! To help me prepare for the next season, let’s chat about the top ten memories of September!

  1. Going to Columbia, Missouri for a sorority sister wedding. Not only did I get to catch up with good friends, but I discovered what I think will be the new rave…painting your wedding live!
  2. Celebrating 5 years with BJC HealthCare, and getting to enjoy one fancy party with 800 of my closest friends
  3. Getting a new flirty hairstyle. While I might mentally be ready for fall, my wardrobe and hairstyle are certainly ready for cooler weather.
  4. Taking my first class flight. It was big splurge for us, and Brad was thrilled for the extra leg room. I was over the moon about real silverware.
  5. Seeing great friends and exploring their city, San Francisco. From sailing under the golden gate bridge to drink pure hot cocoa, it was a blast to see their new home.
  6. Hiking in California and being in awe of the patchwork hillside made of amber, rust, rose, red, purple and green lush ground covering plants.
  7. Watching whales in the distance and hearing them call out. This was a first for me!
  8. Enjoy wine and more wine and more delicious wine.
  9. Coming home after an amazing vacation to snuggle my kitten and sleep in my own bed. 🙂
  10. Catching up with family after a hectic month and enjoying some pumpkin beer on a cool night.

Cheers to an amazing month and a whirlwind of stories to catch you up on!

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