Stitch Fix Box #2

Opening My Second Stitch Fix Box

My second Stitch Fix box arrived two days early which made for a fun surprise! I pulled into the driveway to see a small package on the front porch. I quickly scanned through all my recent Amazon purchases to determine what boring household item it might be. As I came up the stairs the Stitch Fix logo caught my eye and I was pleasantly surprised that this was a fun package and not more paper towels.

Unlike last time, I showed patience and opened my Stitch Fix box through Facebook live streaming. For those who watched it, you received the sneak peak of what my stylist, Amber, picked for me.

She took my recommendations from last month and fine tweaked my box to make sure the clothing were more perfectly aligned with my style. Unlike last month, I did not give her any direction on upcoming events. I wanted to see how Amber would style my everyday look and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Down the street from our house, Brad and I have a little park where we like to take pictures. The lighting is always beautiful and normally it is fairly empty. Well, last night it was packed and with signs boasting private property. It took me a second to connect the dots, but the area is being overrun with PokemonGo players. Imagine, me striking a pose and Brad trying to angle the photo around people catching their latest Pokemon. We had a great laugh, but this shoot proved to be a bit more difficult. Between the 100 degree weather and dodging PokemonGo users, these Stitch Fix outfits can stand up to any challenge!

20160718_181720-01Just Black – Adorra Skinny Jean From Stitch Fix

Outcome: Adding to my wardrobe

I have been jean shopping for weeks without much luck. This is one of my least favorite activities, only beaten by getting my oil changed and swimsuit shopping. Without fail, I leave jean shopping feeling deflated. The jeans are too tight here, too long there and frankly don’t work on my frame. It also doesn’t help that I am a bit picky when it comes to my jeans. I want good stretch from the waist down, but I need a real button and zipper with a true jean top to feel comfortable in my skinny jeans. What can I say, I was bound to be picky with the name Nicki.

Just Black – Adorra Skinny Jeans fit my criteria perfectly. They have great stretch at the top, they are the right length for my short legs and fit like a dream. After 2 minutes with the jeans on, I decided they were a keeper. The best part is they are much cheaper than other brands I was looking at costing only $88.


20160718_184533-01Skies are Blue – Delaine Shirt Dress From Stitch Fix

Outcome: Returning it

I liked Skies are Blue – Delaine Shirt Dress. The color was outside of my normal hues, and army green is so trendy right now. I loved everything about it except the button up top. My large chest and buttons do not get along normally and this dress was no different. It puckered and created holes so everyone could see what bra I was wearing. Very cute and works for most women, just not for me.

Collective Concepts – Clement Scoop Neck Blouse From Stitch Fix

Outcome: Returning it

The Collective Concepts – Clement Scoop Neck Blouse fit like a dream and pattern’s bold colors were fun. I styled mine with a high pony tail and matching tangerine earrings. This style just screamed girls want to have fun and running around town on a hot day like yesterday. It made me want to do cartwheels and just play like a kid again because it was very cheerful.



Market & Spruce – Adron Embroidered Blouse From Stitch Fix

Outcome: Returning it

The Market & Spruce – Adron Embroidered Blouse immediately screamed of my best friend’s style. It was like I went into her closet and grabbed her favorite piece. It has a great pattern, breathable fabric with fun detailing like the back openings. It had great flow and romantic feel. In my opinion, this piece can be transformed from business attire to a night out with friends so it is the perfect Friday outfit. As much as I loved it, I am returning it. The sheer fabric will not last with Oscar and his claws. It is sad how my wardrobe has changed all because I want to accommodate the cat and snuggles after work.



Brixon Ivy – Jarred Lace Detail Cap Sleeve Blouse From Stitch Fix

Outcome: Adding to my wardrobe

I love love love the Brixon Ivy – Jarred Lace Detail Cap Sleeve Blouse. It is just the right amount of detailing to class up a simple black top. The look made me feel so fancy and ready to take over the world. My red lips for the shoot was inspired by this top. It was calling for bold red lips to continue the fancy and romantic vibes. This top can be paired with jeans the way I did for a night out or tucked into a high waist pop of color skirt for work. It has a lot potential and certainly become a new staple in my wardrobe. The Brixon Ivy – Jarred Lace Detail Cap Sleeve Blouse will even get its first adventure this Friday with drinks with friends.

Overall this Stitch Fix captured my style and my need to have pieces that are appropriate for work and for going out with friends. My stylist was on point again and I can’t wait to see what next month brings.


Disclaimer | I belong to the Stitch Fix Influencers affiliate program, which means that for every person that signs up for a Fix through my affiliate link, I receive money toward a future Fix. Thanks in advance if you try it out!

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