My Husband’s Brain Tumor

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We are 22 days into this new journey, more needles than I would like to count, meeting our new BFF, CT and MRI at every turn, 2 nights in the hospital and one scar forming. We should be 22 days into the most terrifying journey of our life. 27 years old and faced with a tumor straddling language and reading. My two favorite parts of my husband. The parts that will last when the laugh lines settle in and our family is grown. The parts that matter when you are 80, sitting on the porch and telling stories about when we were kids and newspapers were actually paper!

Here we are 22 days later feeling more blessed today than the last. Stress fades a bit easier and finding the joy seems to come a bit quicker. 22 days of terms we don’t understand and unthinkable outcomes, turned into hundreds of prayers, unmeasurable love and God being everywhere we look.

At first, I am sure people thought we had lost our minds. How could we receive devastating news with unknown around every corner and still smile? How could we handle it with grace and faith that we will be ok? How are you accepting ok might not be the outcome we want? The answer is simple and oh so hard all at the same time.

God took care of us to this point. He prepared us in every way without us ever knowing it. I once heard, when you look into the rearview mirror, you can see how God has gotten you there. Well, when you are analyzing ever moment of your life to determine when the symptoms started and how you are feeling, you get to see the path a little closer up. Honestly though, there is too much good not to think that God will carry us through.

As I have since watching my entire future get whisked away into an ambulance, I pray not for my own desires, but to be given the peace and strength to accept God’s will. Something that is hard for a stubborn woman like me.

When faced with tragedy, you can ask why me or be thankful for what you have. Brad and I chose to be thankful for each other, our faith, family and friends. Thankful to love a bit fuller and get to do this crazy journey which some think is incredible grace and we now call life.

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  1. Kathy Carey
    Kathy Carey says:

    You are both so wise. You are such an example for an old lady like me! Thank you for the blessing you both have been and will continue to be.

  2. Constance saville
    Constance saville says:

    I remember. It’s unreal at first but then prayer kicks in. Parents,friends, strangers, all praying for you. Eventually you feel the love and what ever happens, you both are not alone.

  3. Casey Warden
    Casey Warden says:

    Just hold onto each other and hold onto your faith. These things can be a roller coaster of emotions. Love and prayers for you both and for your family and friends.


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