Day trip to Hermann

Herman, Mo

All aboard the train to Hermann for a day of Missouri countryside, delicious wine, gourmet food and most importantly ending the night in your own bed! As the weather starts to cool, I want nothing more to find a beautiful view and sip a full body Missouri red wine. Like most people, it is hard to carve out an entire weekend to get away. Between, wedding, showers, baptisms, birthdays and work, Brad and I do not have a full free weekend until Novemeber! My need for Missouri wine has to be satisfied before then which is how our day trip to Hermann was born!

Here is how you can plan your own day trip to Hermann!

  1. Pick a Saturday that you are free to run away to wine country.
  2. Book your train ticket! You will want to take the Missouri River Runner #311 which leaves St. Louis at 9:15 am. Don’t forget to book your train back. While we want to get away, the goal is to end in your own bed. I would suggest taking the Missouri River Runner #316 which leaves Hermann at 7:48 p.m.
  3. Plan fun activities for your train ride. I suggest packing a deck of cards, light and gives a wide variety of games to play. My obsession with trains and playing cards started when I backpacked through Europe. We use to play cards for hours to pass the time as we galavanted from town to town
  4. Do a happy dance you made it Hermann in under two hours.
  5. Catch the trolley and enjoy the ride all day and night for only $15
  6. Choose from five wineries to visit or visit them all!
    1. Stone Hill: Stone Hill is the oldest and largest winery in town. It also has a restaurant if you are looking for a larger menu than Hermannhof. It is easy to spend a few hours at this large winery between the rich history, wide variety of wine tasting and tour.
    2. Adam Puctha: This is one my favorite wineries from when I only drank sweet white wines. Fors those who love white wine, the Adams choice is delightful it is crisp, refreshing and a sweet white. Adam Puctha is tucked away in the Hermann countryside and has a family feel which makes sense as it has been family owned for 7 generations!
    3. Hermannhof: This is a quick walk from Amtrak and the perfect spot to start your day. They pride themselves on being a small winery rooted in the German history of the town offering locally german made sausage to accompany their wine collection.
    4. Star Lane: The converted cattle ranch turned into a family owned winery proves making wine is a mixture of science, passion and the right environment. The family brought in experts to ensure their harvest would delight guest, and is known for their cabernets. You know you can find this red wine lover sipping on a local favorite.
    5. Oak Glen: Oak Glen is new to the Hermann Winery community and has been in existence for only about 10 years. What they lack in history, they make up with the view. They have what I would claim to be the most stunning look out point in town overlooking the Missouri countryside and river that will take anyone’s breath away.
  7. Ok, I am down right hungry. FEED ME!! Here are three restaurants that the trolley will take you to directly. Not in the mood for any, check out the wide variety of restaurants Hermann has to offer here.
    1. Simon’s on the Waterfront
    2. Vintage Resturant
    3. El Ranchito Mexican
  8. I had so much fun, but my tummy is full and my wallet is empty it is time to go home. Let the Trolley finish your delightful day and take you back to the train station.

Hermann is a wonderful day adventure that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life while still letting you sleep in your own bed. It is a great staycation and an easy way to recharge your battery and enjoy great wine without taking a plane to Napa.


Time Flies

September really has flown by in a blink of an eye. Here we are just days from October and I am still thinking about squeezing in one more day in the sun before I cave to the fabulous of fall. For me, that means apple spiced candles burning all day, chili on the stove, sipping a pumpkin spice coffee while blogging, and adorning my house with mums! To help me prepare for the next season, let’s chat about the top ten memories of September!

  1. Going to Columbia, Missouri for a sorority sister wedding. Not only did I get to catch up with good friends, but I discovered what I think will be the new rave…painting your wedding live!
  2. Celebrating 5 years with BJC HealthCare, and getting to enjoy one fancy party with 800 of my closest friends
  3. Getting a new flirty hairstyle. While I might mentally be ready for fall, my wardrobe and hairstyle are certainly ready for cooler weather.
  4. Taking my first class flight. It was big splurge for us, and Brad was thrilled for the extra leg room. I was over the moon about real silverware.
  5. Seeing great friends and exploring their city, San Francisco. From sailing under the golden gate bridge to drink pure hot cocoa, it was a blast to see their new home.
  6. Hiking in California and being in awe of the patchwork hillside made of amber, rust, rose, red, purple and green lush ground covering plants.
  7. Watching whales in the distance and hearing them call out. This was a first for me!
  8. Enjoy wine and more wine and more delicious wine.
  9. Coming home after an amazing vacation to snuggle my kitten and sleep in my own bed. 🙂
  10. Catching up with family after a hectic month and enjoying some pumpkin beer on a cool night.

Cheers to an amazing month and a whirlwind of stories to catch you up on!


3 steps for successful networking

3 steps for successful networking

After a few bumpy flights, I made it to Austin, Texas and the Indeed conference. The first few parts of my trip went smashing- packing, catching a plane and being kind to strangers.

Now, it is on to the challenging part, networking with a room full of strangers. I am a huge extrovert, but you heard me right….networking. No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert going into a room of unknowns and strangers is hard. Will I be dressed appropriately? Will there bar for liquid courage? Will I have anything to contribute to small chat? The worry and questions go on and on!

It is entirely normal to have concerns about networking making connections as it is not as easy as handing another preschooler a red crayon. With my 3 simple steps for successful networking though you think it was.

3 steps for successful networking

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5 Tips To Change The World

5 tips to change the world

planeTraveling without Brad is always be a bit tricky. While I avidly try for Jennifer Aniston’s arms, I always fall short at about the 6th push-up. My weak upper body with my lacking stature (5’2″ and a quarter) leaves me in the awkward situation of lifting a 30-pound bag over my head and into a small compartment. Compound this with holding up the line and my cheeks get red, and I start to panic.

Lucky for me, I believe the world is genuinely a good place. People can change the world with their small actions, and all of the small actions result in a big impact! Now, my broadcasting of panic or belief in mankind always results in finding the best in people around me. It is very rare that someone doesn’t offer to help me, and it is a huge relief. Today was no different! These interactions remind me that you too can make someone’s day through simple acts of kindness. Here are my 5 tips that will change the world. Seriously, it is as easy as 5 tips to change the world. Small steps = big impact Read more

Business Travel Packing List

Traveling for Business without a Business Travel Packing List can be downright overwhelming especially when there are after hour social events, and you are going alone. You got to look sharp around the clock!

This week I am breaking yet another new boundary and traveling to Texas for work. My trips to Texas are usually to visit my best friend and swap our closets. I promise the plane ticket is cheaper than freshening up my closet. Plus, it comes with more laughs, fantastic drinks, and memories. Read more

Crystal River, Florida

crystal river

Brad and I were looking for an adventure on this trip. My usual Florida schedule is wake up, eat something, grab my book and layout. While this is lovely for me, it can get a bit boring for Brad. Our idea of fun at the beach is vastly different as someone does not tan. We decided that this trip, we would move past tanning to take an adventure and discover a new place of Florida. We tossed around a few ideas but finally landed on Crystal River.

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