Tips for a flawless Selfie

flawless selfie

flawless selfieHappy National Selfie Day. To fully celebrate the holiday, bust out your phone and take some flawless selfies. Here are 5 tips for a flawless selfie that will wow Instagram, Snapchat and good ole’ Facebook. Tested and proven to work!

  1. Say “prune” to pucker your lips and get the perfect duck face.
  2. Extend your arm and angle the phone down to avoid the dreaded double chin. When all else fails, hide your double chin with Snapchat’s gray text bar. 😉
  3. Want to take a mirror selfie?! Put your right hand on your high waist and bring the camera out and away from your face.
  4. Landscape selfies are awesome when trying to fit in friends. If you love selfies with your friends, invest in a selfie stick to multiple your fun and number people who fit in the frame.
  5. It is ok to take multiple photos to find the one perfect selfie!

Happy National Selfie Day! May your selfies be flawless.

Outfits For Your Father’s Day Outing

Outfits For Your Father’s Day Outing

Brad & Nicki Wedding-110Before I tell you all about Outfits For Your Father’s Day Outing, I need to gush a bit about my Dad. The relationship my Dad and I have is not the typical situation as it started in the most unusual way. Here is the short version.

I was born in the backseat of the family car on the way to the hospital. Maybe one day I will include all the details in a post, but for now, you just need the facts. This means the first person to ever touch and hold me was my Dad. This is a bit unusual as most mothers-to-be have a doctor, nurses and a sterile room to give birth. Well, not these two… no wonder I am the youngest. 🙂

From there it has always been the two peas in a pod. My Dad is always first phone call for big life news or crises to get advice on how to handle it. He is my best friend and my biggest fan. I even have picked up his bad habits such as needing someone to go grocery shopping with! Everything is better with a friend. 🙂 On Father’s Day, it will be all about this guy and show him some much-needed love. If you are still in need of a Father’s day plan and outfit, check out our three fabulous outfits for your Father’s Day Outing. You have plenty of time to do any of these!

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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What to wear to a summer wedding

Next weekend, I have college friend’s wedding. It will be the wedding of the season, and 20 plus girls catching up on life over cocktails and laughs. It is bound to be a blast! Though I tried to my best to pick a dress, I often wondered what to wear to a summer wedding…

In my endless pinning, I found Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is the personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day. For me, this includes what to wear to a summer wedding!

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Style Tips – How to wear a Jean Jacket

I love Spring in Missouri, but there is one small issue. You can go from 80 degrees to mid-50s in a matter of hours. How is a girl suppose to pick out an outfit with such fluctuation?! I am known for walking out the door and turning right back around to change when the crisp air grazes my face. Then I have twice the laundry as now two outfits are covered in cat hair. UGH! Don’t worry I have my solution after much pinning and people watching.

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Striped Shirt & Jean Jacket

tallstairsStriped Shirt and pair of black skinny jeans is my year round go to look. Stripes dress up any t-shirt and can transform a frumpy look into a classic. Throw on some fun accessories and it looks like you tried for this effortless look which is exactly my style. Effortlessly beautiful and put together!

As always, I paired this outfit with some chunky wedges. Though I might not be tall, I try to look the part while finding comfy shoes that can go all day with my busy life.

To finish the look, throw on a blue jean jacket. It is a playful twist that reinforces the effortless look.

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Classy Jean Jackets

bootswhite dressJean jackets, ankle boots and a white summer dress, nothing better than that! This look is so easy as everyone already own these pieces. You can pair them together to make an effortless look that can go from the office, winery trips, dive bars and nice dinners. I love outfits that can cover where every life takes you!

If you are like me, white dresses and boots only last one season. My white dresses always catch spills of red wine and ketchup from a BBQ. My boots at the end of the season are worn thin from exploring St. Louis and finding the next fun adventure close to home.

For anyone needing to updated their wardrobe due to stains or lack of the perfect fit, look no further. Buy the look today!  Read more

Black Attire & Jean Jackets

distancerailThe older I get, the more my wardrobe looks like Johnny Cash. Black on black is so easy to look fabulous in and get ready in a jiffy. I always like to pair mine with a statement piece. In my world, this typically means a bold necklace or shoes. Recently, my new favorite trend is to break up the black with a jean jacket. With the crazy weather, it is a wise decision. 🙂

For today’s look, I took my favorite oversized v-neck shirt with black skinny jean. I dressed it up with a lovely long pink necklace which helps make the shirt a bit more defined. To finish the look, a pair of big wedges to make me look taller than 5′ 3″.

If you want to reproduce the look, just check out the items below. Read more

Bold Pants & Jean Jacket

brick bluebold pantsWho doesn’t love a good pair of bold pants? They can go from business to bar in an easy switch of a blazer to a jean jacket. These blue beauts have been a staple in my wardrobe for two years. They make any situation a bit more fun with the bright blue pattern that is just daring enough but appropriate for any situation.

Enjoy photos from our first photo shoot. Brad and I had a blast shooting in front of an awesome vintage brick wall. Believe it or not, that brick building use to be a one school room house. Now it hosts killer parties!

If you like this look, check out the items below. You can get it!
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St. Louis Blues Attire

Blues Attire

Being on vacation makes me love St. Louis even more. Before we left, I made sure to grab some warm weather attire. I have to rep my team even from afar. 🙂 Click the links below to get your St. Louis Blues post season attire. Lets Go Blues!

Summer Swimsuits

4 days until vacation. Let me repeat, 4 days until vacation!

I am beyond excited to visit my home away from home, Clearwater Beach, Florida. For those of you who have not heard of Clearwater, let me catch you up to speed. It is about 45 minutes away from Tampa and a little piece of heaven. It is one of a few barrier island in The Gulf of Mexico, so there is no need for a car once you are there. You can easily walk from one side to the other, and I often do.

In addition to the natural beauty, it has great food and activities. Follow me next week as I share our adventure.

A great adventure needs the right attire! As any great woman, I took this upcoming vacation to grab a few new hats, swimsuits and towels. The greatest part is you can buy them too! Click on any the links below and start your perfect summer attire. Read more