Gym Wear For 2016

woman running in gym wear

A new year always comes with new goals, hopes and dreams. For many of us, that will be eating healthier and joining a gym. I know my membership will get more use. 🙂

For me, the hard part about the gym is not feeling confident in my skin. You’re surrounded by people who stuck with their 2015 resolution and can already run that dreaded mile. My motto this year is to fake it until I make it. Half of the battle is looking the part and being confident in going to the gym. Running the mile will come with enough days practicing. Until then, I am going to be a knockout in my outfit.

To launch you into 2016 and your new gym workout, here are my favorite looks! They are affordable and designed for everyone from the fashionista to the simple pop of color. You can purchase them today with one easy click. Read more