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Stitch Fix Box #3

I have started to track my life by time in between Stitch Fix Boxes. I get one per month, but every time I blink, I feel like I am sharing my newest box and adding a few more Stitch Fix pieces to my collection. They say as a parent; the days are long, but the […]

Dirt Candy Supper Club

Dirt Candy Supper Club hosted by The Foodie Nurse was the perfect way to start a relaxing weekend after an extra long week. It set the tone just right! Today has been a much needed lazy morning with kitten snuggles and procrastinating getting out of bed. After many failed attempts, I threw on a cards shirt […]

Summer Sunglasses Style Guide

We have officially entered the final month of summer, and I still have my H&M $9.99 sunglasses from April. This is a huge accomplishment! In prior years, I was on my 15th pair because I lost the glasses, smashed them, scratched them or my favorite…eaten in the death grip of my dog. Needless to say, […]

Between the stars – Yoga Buzz

Yoga Buzz’s Yoga Under the Stars is an innovative way to make your practice social and a memorable night out with friends. Your evening will begin with a star show, followed by yoga in a dark room with the constellations overhead. It truly is moving to be part of this experience and makes me want […]

Blue Apron

I awoke yesterday shocked that it was basically August. Last time I noticed, it was April and Brad was calling me saying he had been laid off. The rest of the Spring was spent with job searching and trying to keep life as normal as possible. As much as we tried, it did not work. […]

Summer Tips for Busty Ladies

Stitch Fix’s post on Summer Tips for Busty Ladies post was a Godsend. There is no, if, and or buts about it, I inherited a busty chest. I am constantly searching for outfits and tips to feeling my best while not overly flaunting what my Momma gave me. Summer Tips for Busty Ladies has some amazing […]

Stitch Fix Box #2

My second Stitch Fix box arrived two days early which made for a fun surprise! I pulled into the driveway to see a small package on the front porch. I quickly scanned through all my recent Amazon purchases to determine what boring household item it might be. As I came up the stairs the Stitch […]

Blue Apron Recipe | Beef Tartines

Blue Apron’s Recipe for Beef Tartines with Zucchini au Pistou was the first meal that started my love affair with Blue Apron. Beef Tartines are a french inspired open-faced sandwich that includes all of my favorites – melted cheese, toasted bread and red meat! I was confident that this would be delicious, but I was shocked […]

Blue Apron Recipe | Beef Arepas

Brad and I love Blue Apron because it always challenges my cooking skills and taste buds. I have had more variety  of cuisine in the past month than I ever thought I could cook. My go to in our marriage has been grilling, Whole30, Mom’s favorites and easy Mexican or Chinese dishes. I never dreamed […]

New Job

There is no passion to be found in playing small—in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.- Nelson Mandela I am taking a big leap of faith and no longer playing it small. Next Monday, the next chapter of my BJC Career book will begin as the newest project manager […]