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My husband, the zebra

I use to always tell Brad his spirit animal was an Elephant and I was a peacock. He would jokingly yell that fat jokes are not nice and I would defend myself claiming Elephants like him have a great memory. Peacocks, on the other hand, were bold, beautiful and oh so forgetful. Our little routine […]

Dear God

We met D nearly four months ago as she boldly announced herself at a concert. Like many times after, she rudely inserted herself at the most inconvenient times. She found her way into moments, when I was hours away for work, trying to take a night for myself, enjoying the holidays, meeting a tight deadline […]

Around The Bend

In less than 24 hours, Brad and I should know what the future holds. We jokingly tell people that our life is dictated by doctor appointments. We live from one appointment to the next. Well, this period is almost over. As we have many times before, we will anxiously await the doctor telling us what […]

Thank You!

It is rare that I am speechless, but today I am. We are 86 days into our journey to determine what D is made of and I am continually humbled. Since October 1st, we have had many scans, blood draws, headaches, pills swallowed, sleepless nights, hundreds of missing words and two lovely new holes in […]

I am an imperfect human.

I am an imperfect human. Regardless of who you are, I think this week was hard. Social media was filled with fear and hate, the sun is set prior to coming home from work and I know, my anxiety about to-dos was at an all-time high. While I try to not to get caught in […]

When I met her

One week ago today, I asked to see her. Yes, you heard me right, her. We named the tumor as a way to separate the struggles we encounter on this road. A good friend of ours and role model mentioned it in passing the other week that her husband and her separate Jan wants vs. […]

Sleepless Nights

Brad’s snoring use to drive me nuts. So much that I would make jokes about smothering him with our beloved kitten. Now it is a comfort to know one of use is truly asleep. For the past month, our nights have started with pure exhaustion taking over and a wake-up call at an ungodly hour. […]

My Husband’s Brain Tumor

We are 22 days into this new journey, more needles than I would like to count, meeting our new BFF, CT and MRI at every turn, 2 nights in the hospital and one scar forming. We should be 22 days into the most terrifying journey of our life. 27 years old and faced with a […]

Brunch at Tiffany’s

So what is a girl to do when her husband is out of pocket for the weekend, call up her Mom and take a Brunch at Tiffany’s cooking class! While there are a variety of cooking classes in St. Louis, The St. Louis Community College’s Continuing Education is my favorite. This past weekend, my Mom […]