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Balsamic Green Beans

Give your green beans a new full flavor by adding a few simple ingredients to make balsamic green beans.  Eating healthy means increasing your vegetable intake, and who likes to eat the same meal every day. 🙂 I love to pair my balsamic green beans with skinny lasagna roll and homemade sauce. Here was my quick snapshot […]

Skinny Lasagna Roll

The skinny lasagna roll will make your mouth water. It takes all the classics of true lasagna and finds lighter options to fulfill you. Being raised in a good Italian home, I was a little weary, but I was proven wrong with my first delicious bite. I paired my skinny lasagna roll with balsamic green […]

Onederland-Girl 1st Birthday Party

I am proud to introduce my first of many one stop events. Onederland-girl 1st birthday party is the perfect 1st birthday party for your little girl. Below are pictures from my Onderland party which highlighted my book collection, finger foods, and pearls.

Gym Wear For 2016

A new year always comes with new goals, hopes and dreams. For many of us, that will be eating healthier and joining a gym. I know my membership will get more use. 🙂 For me, the hard part about the gym is not feeling confident in my skin. You’re surrounded by people who stuck with […]