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Farewell 2017

My dearest 2017, Before you leave, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you. Our journey together has been a sorted one. It has been neither good nor bad, but rather a blur of a year. We started our relationship in the most peculiar way. Meeting with sleep in my eyes and a Mariah […]

Broccoli Cheddar Casserole

Broccoli Cheddar Casserole is a wonderful vegetable dish hidden in melted cheese, buttered crackers and lots of love! My holidays are filled with vegetable side dishes that any of the day of the year would be considered unhealthy. Around the holidays with cookies, cakes and pies, Broccoli Cheddar Casserole is always an appropriate vegetable side. […]

Fall Kimono Look

Fall kimono look – the go to outfit when you are craving fall and the thermometer is still in the mid 80s. Like almost everyone else in St. Louis, fall is my favorite season. The leafs are turning colors, pumpkin beer can be drank by the gallon, red wine patio weather has graced us and […]

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Everyone knows that I am a little addicted to Amazon Prime. I joke that I single-handedly keep the post office employed. Amazon Prime makes shopping so simple, you think Oh, I need to get cat treats, jump on the app, search cat treats, find the one you want and press Buy Now with one click. Two […]

Maple Balsamic Steak and Peach Salad

On hot summer days like today, I am craving a lighter savory option for dinner. Maple Balsamic Steak and Peach Salad is a fulfilling lighter option that the entire family will eat! I started the dish with one of the Wester household classics, Whole 30 Balsamic Steak and Mushroom Skewers . I ditched the mushrooms, […]

Stella and Dot Kari Layered Necklace

Stella and Dot Kari Layered Necklace is a delicate and versatile piece that is a must have in your closet. Stella and Dot Kari Layered Necklace features a hand hammered gold pendant and arc suspending from two delicate chains. Like many Stella and Dot pieces, the Stella and Dot Kari Layered Necklace is versatile. You […]

I silenced myself

Over the past few months, you have noticed that the blog has been sporadic. For most, this means life was too hectic and it feel on the back burner. For me, it means that I silenced myself. The blog has always been avenue where I could express myself, try my crazy marketing ideas and fail […]

Stitch Fix Box #4

With all the craziness of life (i.e Brad’s autoimmune disease), Stitch Fix box reviews have fallen off my radar. If you have time to burn or are new to Scrumptious Style, check out the past looks from Stitch Fix – Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3. You will not be disappointed with the detour, but […]

Consistency Not Perfection

As we change seasons, I am trying to challenge my notion of a healthy and happy life. Most people start this on January 1st, but I am a procrastinator. Well, that is not a fair statement. I took the Brad approach to life and actually thought through my desired outcome and how to get there. […]

Life Lessons

Every day, I cross the link into the hospital. So you think on days that I play the patient’s wife it wouldn’t phase me much. It is business as usual, right?! Well, my logical assumption couldn’t be more wrong. In the past 4.5 months, I have filled the patient’s wife role a lot. For our […]