Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime WardrobeEveryone knows that I am a little addicted to Amazon Prime. I joke that I single-handedly keep the post office employed. Amazon Prime makes shopping so simple, you think Oh, I need to get cat treats, jump on the app, search cat treats, find the one you want and press Buy Now with one click. Two days later, the cat treats arrive and Oscar is one happy cat! I have saved myself so much time and money by not running out to Target. We know that a Target trip would have resulted in Oscar’s cat treats, $30 worth of the cute unneeded items in the front bins, some ice cream, a new cardigan and a pair of shoes for good measure. So now we are looking at over $100 spent for those cat treats with about an hour round trip. In the Wester household, Amazon saves this family money and time by avoiding going to a traditional store.

When Brad started having his health issues, Amazon took on a new purpose for me. I started avoiding the mall and shopping through Amazon Prime for all my wardrobe needs. Just like before, shopping online gave me the benefit of saving time and money by letting me pinpoint the one item I really needed within moments. All of our Christmas present and outfits were purchased through Amazon Prime. While it might have been the most stressful holiday season yet, it was calm on the shopping front. 🙂

In the past 10 months, I have only stepped foot in a mall twice and that was for new makeup at Sephora. There is something so rewarding of walking out of that storefront with a Picasso looking painting of different makeup swatches on my hand. Other than making masterpieces on my hand, my fashion purchases have been through Amazon!

Yesterday, Amazon introduced the next great idea – Amazon Prime Wardrobe.  When I read it, I boasted to Brad that I should get some credit for the idea. I know that Alexa has heard me using the phrase, Amazon Prime Wardrobe every time a new piece is shipped to me. 🙂 While I try to claim the name and general concept, I could not dream up how perfect Amazon made Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

How Amazon Prime Wardrobe Works


Why you will love Amazon Prime Wardrobe


I get to try on items prior to buying them! Do you know how amazing this would have been as I was on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit? Like every woman, I dread swimsuit season. So I spent some time during one of Brad’s chemo infusions, looking for the perfect swimsuit that would support my larger chest, hide the stress eating love handles while still being cute for a 28-year-old. Of course, Amazon came through, but I had to float over $100 while I tried on 6 different suits to find the one that would make me feel confident by the pool this summer.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is a new service that brings the fitting room to you, so you can try the latest styles and find your perfect fit before you buy. If you are already an Amazon Prime member then you will get this service for free. The specific release date is not known, but if you are as excited as me let Amazon know. Click here to get notified when Prime Wardrobe launches.

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