5 Tips To Change The World

5 tips to change the world

planeTraveling without Brad is always be a bit tricky. While I avidly try for Jennifer Aniston’s arms, I always fall short at about the 6th push-up. My weak upper body with my lacking stature (5’2″ and a quarter) leaves me in the awkward situation of lifting a 30-pound bag over my head and into a small compartment. Compound this with holding up the line and my cheeks get red, and I start to panic.

Lucky for me, I believe the world is genuinely a good place. People can change the world with their small actions, and all of the small actions result in a big impact! Now, my broadcasting of panic or belief in mankind always results in finding the best in people around me. It is very rare that someone doesn’t offer to help me, and it is a huge relief. Today was no different! These interactions remind me that you too can make someone’s day through simple acts of kindness. Here are my 5 tips that will change the world. Seriously, it is as easy as 5 tips to change the world. Small steps = big impact

5 tips to change the world

1) Smile at strangers even if it is awkward. Your kind smile might be the highlight of their day. It might feel odd at first, but after a few times, you will be making days left and right.

2) Help strangers with a simple task that seem trivial to you. The guy who helped me was my hero. Lifting my bag was a worry that was lifted by his small act. For those of you on land, hold the door for someone who has their hands full or let someone over in rush hour traffic.

3) Find beauty around you. I love to fly because I find so much beauty in looking at cities that my fellow man has made. As the plane quickly ascends and I always look out the window and gaze upon the beauty that my creator has made. Finding beauty around you will help teach you to see the positive in situations.

4) Say thank you and mean it. Our moms taught us all please and thank you with manner lessons, but sometimes we forget. Genuinely thank people and watch their reaction. Their day is made by 2 simple words!

5) Remember that everyone has a burden on their shoulders. You have the power to make it heavier or lighter with your actions. Choose to make it lighter!

Share a smile and change the world!

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